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On this page, you'll find links to Left Dakota freeware, demonstration software, and software updates. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please contact Tech Support and we'll do our best to help.


Link-o-lator 2.02 Evaluation Software
If you would like to see how Link-o-lator 2.02 can make your high-end dot proofing systems (and even your ink-jet proofers) produce dramatically more accurate proofs, try our software. This evaluation version will for unlimited launches, and using our built-in test profiles, gives you access to the full functionality of the software. If you have any questions, contact Sales or Tech Support.

Download Link-o-lator 2.02 unlimited launch evaluation software

Link-o-lator 2.02
The current version of Link-o-lator is 2.02.

Link-o-lator 2.0 has been updated to 2.02. We have enhanced the quality of our links, and also worked around a system bug that caused links to fail when using Fuji profiles. With its many new features and OSX support, Link-o-lator 2.02 is the best link creation software available. Thank you for your support.

Download current Link-o-lator 2.02 full version

Keyboard Shortcuts for Live Picture 2.6.1
For everyone using Live Picture who always wished there were a way to control over 90% of the program with the keyboard, this is for you. Our freeware installer will take a fresh copy of Live Picture (can’t have had a serial number entered yet) and patch it with well thought-out keyboard shortcuts. This product is made for the English language, and may or may not work with international versions of Live Picture. We do not offer technical support on KBS.

Standard CMYK Testing File
Many RIPs tell you they print your CMYK, but actually change it to RGB, quietly in the background — without telling you. They then change it BACK to CMYK, but what was once black-only has now become 4-color grey. Also, many RIPs don't suport the Postscript feature of overprinting. Therefore, you should test your RIPs.

If you do not have a CMYK image that you would like to use in the testing of your RIPs or for the testing your new advanced device links, select from the options below for our standard file.

We have three different testing files:
Click here
for a already rendered CMYK TIFF.
Click here
for a CMYK postscript file (with overprint) which is ready to send to a RIP.
Click here
for a CMYK PDF file (with black overprint still active) ready for printing to RIP, inkjet, or laserprinter.

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