UltraLinks 1.0 (Still in Engineering)

If you have ever tried to convert highly saturated RGB files to CMYK via Adobe Photoshop or with ICC-Device Profiles, you have encountered the problem of “Tomato-Soup Reds”, and “Barney Purple Blues”. You have found that it is virtually impossible to obtain pure cyan, magenta, or yellow colors in your separations.

What you want is a bullet-proof way of making smooth, reversal-free, stunning separations. What you want is

You want UltraLinks 1.0.

Using ICC-Device Link technology, Left Dakota has created UltraLinks 1.0. This program creates ICC links which convert RGB to CMYK while maximizing the color gamut. Using user customisable settings, we map the outer boundary of the RBG space to the outer boundary of the print space. As a result, you can create separations with beautiful, smooth color, and pure ramps of contaminate-free color.

Prove it to yourself. Download our RGB test file, then download the same file run through an UltraLink, and see if you can figure out any way to make a CMYK separation as awesome as the one that was made via an UltraLink.
(and if you can — call us and tell us how. Seriously, call us! Collect. But we bet you can’t)
Look at the examples below and see what we mean.

Without UltraLinks
With UltraLinks
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