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I can’t tell you strongly enough that you should get a subscription to this publication. Jay Nelson culls the electronic publishing magazines every month, digests the important information info excellent summaries, and organizes it into a very readable format. If you don’t have time in your schedule to read 3-4 trade magazines, try this!

Useful Files

Standard CMYK Testing File
Many RIPs tell you they print your CMYK, but actually change it to RGB, quietly in the background — without telling you. They then change it BACK to CMYK, but what was once black-only has now become 4-color grey. Also, many RIPs don't suport the Postscript feature of overprinting. Therefore, you should test your RIPs.

If you do not have a CMYK image that you would like to use in the testing of your RIPs or for the testing your new advanced device links, select from the options below for our standard file.

We have three different testing files:
Click here
for a already rendered CMYK TIFF.
Click here
for a CMYK postscript file (with overprint) which is ready to send to a RIP.
Click here
for a CMYK PDF file (with black over print still active) ready for printing to RIP, inkjet, or laserprinter.

10% Grey Testing File
To calibrate a printer, it must be a consistent, repeatable device. One way to test this is to print a CMYK file with 10% grey. Examine the print and see if there are any artifacts or banding. Then print the file again. If it looks identical to the first print — all is good. Otherwise, if it is extremely different, you probably will not successfully get a usable ICC profile. Click here to download a CMYK test file which will print 10% grey.

Research Links
If you prefer to do your own research (instead of the cost-and-time-saving step of hiring a consultant)

Apple colorsync site
This is where Apple puts all their information about colorsync. It is moderately helpful.

colorsync listserve
A very active email listserve where people across the country attempt to help solve each-other’s color management issues by giving free advice. Often the advice is excellent — and sometimes completely wrong and non-sensical — but it's free.

Printing Industies of America
A site aimed at lithographers, it contains helpful information.

International Color Consortium
The keepers of all technical information regarding ICC profiles.

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