Product Manufacturers

Located in Seattle, Chromix makes the excellent software "Colorthink" that we resell and highly recommend. Its ability to graph profiles in three dimensional space (plus overlap multiple spaces) is invaluable to understanding just what the heck is going on with your profiles.

Makers of the viewing booths we recommend and sell. Almost ubiquitous in the printing industry - GTI booths come in all sizes, including several models which can sit on a desktop next to a monitor. You can get transmission and reflective booths, and remember: ALWAYS spend the extra money and get the dimming option.

Havine purchsed GretagMacbeth and Monaco Systems, X-Rite is now the world's powerhouse in all things color management. They make excellent color management hardware - including monitor calibrators, spectrophotometers, densitometers, and strip reading devices. They also have software solutions - though - hardware seems to be more the focus. Highly recommended, Left Dakota uses an X-Rite 528 Spectrodensitometer and a DTP-41 when in the field.


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