While we don’t agree, we hear often that lithography is a commodity, and that it is other things, like customer service, that accounts for market leadership.

If you want to be the vendor that saves your customer time and money — and improves their printing experience —WHILE reducing costly, non-billable, in-shop problems, then here is what color management offers you. If nothing else, you can think of it as good customer service (but it’s so much more).

  • Ability to acurately soft-proof on screen customers incoming files to see how the unaltered color will print in your shop prior to making a hard proof.
  • Reduce rounds of color, and the amount of unbillable proofs created.
  • Create more accurate proofs (frankly, color management is almost a requirement for digital proofs).
  • Improved communication with your customers. By giving them your custom press profile, they can easily make color optimized for your shop.
  • Effortless repurposing of client files to get them ready for printing at your location.
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